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Fantastic! Zvon has made our work lives so much easier. He takes away the guessing and gets right down to the root of what ever ailment your Mac has. Very professional and speaks to you in laymen terms, so it's easy to understand "why your Mac is broke" Highly recommendable! Lou Band Collective Inc. April 17, 2014
Various questions about Meraki MDM & iPad management Excellent job ... :-) Zvon was able to answer all my questions. February 27, 2014
At Your Server was fast and understanding of our business' needs Zvon set up an appointment with us as early as possible, understood our needs for the server and worked with us to develop passwords etc. He even taught us a bit about the product. Would definitely hire their services again. August 28, 2013
Zvon was amazing and suited our needs perfectly. We are a law office that recently switched all computers to the Apple hardware and software. Some might say this migration is a daring move for any law office, but we were assured by Zvon that the outcome would be something that would not only make our jobs easier, but much faster, especially with him on the job. The outcome was greater then expected. Through his guidance, we had our server set up, and can now manage all files remotely and securely. Whether it was e-mails, making a program run properly, or buying the proper hardware suitable for the office, Zvon was there to guide us and make our life easier, at a very fair price. He was a pleasure to do business with, and we recommend him for anyone who is looking to set up a virtual office space without any hassles. August 20, 2013
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Customer Focus: Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

Number of Apple Certified Employees: 1

Apple Certifications

ACTC 10.8
ACSP 10.6
ACSP 10.7
ACTC 10.6
Apple Certified Specialist Mac OSX Security & Mobility 10.6
Apple Certified Specialist Mac OSX Deployment 10.6
Apple Certified Trainer for IT
ACTC 10.7
Apple Certified Support Professional 10.9
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.9

Specialties & Competencies

Mobile Technology Competency

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At Your Server is focused on the needs of businesses with apple products. We strive to ensure your business is operating so you can operate your business.

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