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STAT Computer Services, LLC

17 E Pennington St
Tucson, AZ 85701

Member Since: 2001

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AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! ***** I was having an issue with Microsoft Word for Mac. It made it so I was not able to do my coursework for college. Boyd made himself available to help me ASAP. He logged into my desktop and worked diligently to fix the issue. I was in awe watching him work from my side! He had the issue all fixed and ready to go in less than 30 minutes! Thank you, Boyd! January 16, 2014
Incredible expertise and customer service for Mac-based businesses I have used the services of STAT Computer Services for many years. Boyd and his team specialize in support for business, and it shows -- they have a keen sense of the needs of my small business (and those of my clients) and never fail to amaze me with their responsiveness, their knowledge, and their ability to talk "tech" with non-technical people. STAT has provided us with on-site support, remote assistance (which is AMAZING and saves both time AND money!) as well as helping us determine the appropriate hardware and software to meet our needs. We consider them an essential member of our business team and can't imagine what we'd do without them. November 15, 2011
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Customer Focus: Home User, Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

Number of Apple Certified Employees: 1

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ACSP 10.6

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Mobile Technology Competency

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