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550 Maple Street #E
Carpinteria, CA 93110

Member Since: 2006

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OUTSTANDING SERVICE! I called Command-Prompt after having major issues with email that the Apple Support team couldn't resolve. This is after spending hours of my own time in the chat rooms trying to figure out how to fix the problem. I sent an email to them late in the evening, first thing in the morning I had a call - Seth quickly and with laser focus helped assess the situation and where I thought I was going to have to do an expensive upgrade and reinstallation etc., he felt sure that wasn't needed. He came to my office within hours after the phone call and within 3 minutes of sitting at my computer solved the problem. Then he proceeded (at my request) to do a bunch of fine tuning of various programs and file organization - in the process teaching me tips that will sharply increase my productivity. Did I mention they saved me about 2000.00 by not having to run out and buy a new computer when my old one is in great shape still? They know Mac inside out and are now my go-to for my computer needs for my business! June 4, 2014
Dave knows his stuff and he's quick! Dave returns phone calls and emails quickly. That's huge. He certainly knows what he's doing and he's a delight to work with. I know I can always count on him. That's a great value. April 14, 2014
He was non-judgemental and patient which made him easy to work with. The main thing that I value, of course, is that he is able to answer questions with abundant knowledge and experience backing him up. If he doesn't know what's up immediately, he figures it out. He also has a quirky sense of humor so it keeps otherwise-stressful situations light and easy. There's good follow-up if further questions have to be asked. He's a trustworthy consultant and good at what he does. April 12, 2014
Best experience with a IT Consultant ever!!!! My husband & I are just "coming over from the dark side" to Mac products - IPhone 5, IPad, MacBook Pro - and couldn't be happier with the level of support, assistance and assurance we received. As part of the older demographic, we require a consultant to have all three of these attributes in spades - and we got them! Everything is now safely transferred over to our new devices and we just love being so organized and functional - just like we knew what we were doing:-) We just produced our first Apple "Photo Book" for our grandson - our family is amazed, & frankly, so are we. Amazed and thankful. April 11, 2014
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Customer Focus: Home User, Small Business, Medium Business, Enterprise

Number of Apple Certified Employees: 2

Apple Certifications

ACTC 10.8
ACSP 10.6
Xsan 2 Administrator
ACSP 10.7
ACTC 10.6
ACSA 10.6
Apple Certified Specialist Mac OSX Security & Mobility 10.6
Apple Certified Specialist Mac OSX Deployment 10.6
ACTC 10.7
Apple Certified Support Professional 10.9
ACSP 10.8
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.9

Specialties & Competencies

Mobile Technology Competency

Company Description

At Command Prompt our philosophy is a simple one. Your computer has a job to do: to enable you to accomplish your goals, without getting in your way.

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