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IvanExpert, Inc.

17 W 17th St, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Member Since: 2008

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Thanks goodness these folks exist! After wandering around in the dark -- through bricks-and-mortar stores, internet chatrooms, "Help" ideas and "Solutions" from the vast Apple public -- I luckily came across the people at Ivan Expert. This group actually knows what they are talking about -- and were courteous and friendly to a totally non-computer guy like me. The fixes they made to my new MacAir all worked beautifully, and it was a real pleasure to deal with them. Good people who care about their work and reputation. Understand that I am a writer, not a big corporation. So my budget is limited -- and I will tell you with no hesitation that they are expensive. But I have always believed that, as Aldous Huxley once said, "You pays your money, and you takes your choice." So I chose to pay my money, for the same reason that I want the best lawyer I can get when dealing with publishers. It's worth every penny to me. I just appreciate quality. And I got it from this company. September 13, 2014
This consultant helped us get our firm on track We were experiencing severe issues with our IMAP accounts and email server and IvanExpert guided us in seamlessly migrating our email to a new host. September 12, 2014
Seamless Office Move We enlisted the help of Ivan Experts in backing up and transporting all of our server equipment to a new office space within a short 2-week timeframe. As a non-IT person in charge of a lot of equipment and figuring out new options for server backup for a growing company, I not only felt supported but empowered to make decisions about what was best for us. Every member of the Ivan Experts team I spoke to was helpful and patient in answering my plethora of questions ? down to drawing me a picture of our server setup and how it works ? and I never felt like I was being condescended to, or given only superficial information. Derek, the consultant they sent over, did an amazing job with our takedown and setup. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and did small things that just made the whole process smoother and more enjoyable ? including implementing some changes (unasked) to make our lives easier moving forward. Everyone was amazed at how quickly we were back up and running on move-in day. In working with a few different team members at the same time, I did feel at times like I received some conflicting advice, but everything was resolved in the end and we are very happy with the final result. Highly recommended! August 28, 2014
Premium wi-fi network installation My family has a duplex and getting strong wi-fi in all parts of our apartment was a challenge until IvanExpert sent a consultant to our home to solve the problem. He observed the issues, recommended hardware needed to fix it, went to BestBuy for us to buy the items, and then installed everything to get us up-and-running. IvanExpert was knowledgeable, willing to address all our computer issues, and were available on our schedule (our appt. was at 6p). No doubt it's a premium service, but we found it worth the cost for a truly first-class execution to get our home network zooming. July 17, 2014
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Customer Focus: Home User, Small Business

Number of Apple Certified Employees: 1

Apple Certifications

ACTC 10.8
ACSP 10.6
ACSP 10.8

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Mobile Technology Competency

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